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Making sense of it all…The high cost of workaholism

I am a recovering workaholic and busy-ness addict, which in Silicon Valley valley is not only encouraged, but lauded. To actually slow down, relax and receive the world in all its wonder at this time of my life (recent retirement from a long successful career) has been challenging to say the least. The seduction of this “disease” […]

On a Threshold of Something New

Recently I voluntarily transitioned from a wonderful 30 year career to a “I don’t quite know what yet time” in my life. I am fortunate because I made this decision consciously in my time.  It wasn’t thrust upon me, as is often the case in these precarious, changing times. However, it has landed me into […]

We just don’t have the luxury of procrastination

As a lifelong procrastinator, I finally have fully embraced the mantra “do it now!” I had a habit of putting things off until the last minute for many reasons. At no time is dealing with procrastination more relevant than in our “bonus years”. At this fabulous time in mid-life, I am so grateful for each […]

3 essential keys to get through change

Several women I know are going through major changes in their lives. At midlife, this seems to be the norm for us, not the exception. Life as we knew it 10-15 years ago and the roles we had, have changed dramatically. Often change slowly transitions us to new awareness or situations. In the best cases, […]

A New Year, A New Resolution, Increase Your Chance of Success

There has been research that shows that actually making resolutions is useful. That if you do you will be 10 times more likely to achieve your goal than if you had not made the resolution! This year I did not make any. Does that mean I don’t have plans or expect to achieve big things? […]

Ditch the resolutions….I did!

This year, unlike in the past, I deliberately decided NOT to write out resolutions, set goals or intentions for the year. It just makes me feel bad in mid-January. So, I made it really simple this year. It’s actually a technique I learned from Mother Nature and years of gardening. If you don’t want weeds, […]

You are the Somebody Special

Join Nancy and Cherryll as they talk about how “You are the most important person in your life.”