• Touchstones

    What’s your touchstone? Join our conversation to find out about ours.

  • Big Leaps and Baby Steps

    In  times of major transitions, we impatiently want to leap ahead of ourselves and onto the next thing.  Often without much thought. In my experience, this rarely works….the best forward movement in these times seems to be by small turtle steps.  Remember the tortoise and the hare?  Most of us have moved through our lives like that rabbit….hopping along and moving quickly. We dart around to get where we need to be, avert possible disasters, and react to the immediate situation.

    Now consider the turtle who slowly moves ahead and arrives (in the story at least) well before the rabbit shows up.  Another thing about the turtle, she has everything she needs with her.  Aren’t we really more like a turtle at this stage in our lives as we move forward with all we need, including self-protection?  It simply requires slower, smaller steps along the way.

    I am learning this “turtle step” business.  Before, I would add to my ever-expanding “to-do”list—write book, run 1/2 marathon, lose 20 pounds, and take vacation. Could I do any of these in one giant leap?  Of course not. Plus each of them is overwhelming in magnitude and would stress me out.  I either sat frozen in place or darted around like a crazy rabbit!

    When I break the big stuff down to one small thing at a time, it feels inconsequential, but surprisingly it gets done. And that leads me to the next small step and then the next…and before you know it, I’m there.

    So, wherever “there” is for you….start with a small step.  And before you know it, you’ll arrive at your destination.




  • Entrances and exits….

    Life to me is like a book. Most of us share similarly-themed chapters, with different characters, story lines and outcomes.  We share many life chapters with certain people, and then in the next chapter they’re written out of our book and our life.  Other friends enter our life in later chapters and may remain until the book ends.  We’re never quite sure.

    In this time of life,  we experience a shift in many things, including relationships.  We often hear advice about the changing relationship with our children as they become adults. Also the dramatic relationship with our aging parents as the caregivers become the ones needing care.  Perhaps more subtle are the shifts of our friendships. (And I’m not talking about “Facebook friends”–that’s another blog entirely.)  I have seen several close friends who recently experienced a major change in their life—a divorce, a death of a spouse, or challenging health issue. Overnight a few very close friends disappeared. It’s as if they think such life events are contagious.

    Conversely, we casually meet someone in a group, there’s a connection, and just as suddenly the two women begin a friendship which is solid, more honest and open, and simply more fun!   Who knows the how or why of either scenario?

    This is a fascinating period of life, fun, perplexing, and not easy to understand.  Always entrances and exits.  My suggestion–stay present and open, appreciate your friendships today, and hold lightly as life moves forward.


  • Start Where You Are

    It’s so important to just “start where you are”. It might be scary, but join us, and jump right in to whatever you want to try! It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to get started.

  • Living a more colorful life!

    I recently watched a great old  black and white movie. Wonderful movie, but I definitely missed color and I’d wonder what color was her dress, her hair or even the car?

    Are you living your life in black and white or technicolor? It seems to me today more women are wearing black all the time and far fewer wearing color. It’s as though someone told us that “black is….easy,….sexy, ….slimming, ….dramatic or something. It’s still black.

    Watching the Golden Globe awards, to me the most stunning dresses were the bright reds or those fabulous new greens. Dramatic, feminine and often daring!  And fun! They were living their lives in full, living color!

    Years ago, many of us had our “colors done” and received a deck of color swatches.  I still have mine, do you?  I was a “blended summer”.  Nice lighter colors, and at the time really helped me bring more color into my wardrobe. I felt (and thought I looked) great. Over the years, I’ve ventured beyond my color chart and enjoy the feelings certain color evoke in my mood when I wear them.  It’s a visual treat for me.

    Try adding some color in your life and what you wear….it’s certainly more fun than “basic black”.

  • What’s a girl to do?

    After college I worked for a typewriter company selling ancient pre-computer writing devices. At the ripe old age of twenty seven, I retired for the next 18 years to rear my two children. At age forty five, I began thinking about rejoining the adult world and took a look around to see what that was all about. I realized the working world had changed and my skills were as ancient as the devices I used to sell. What’s a girl to do?

    Reinvent Yourself!

    Many opportunities that were once an option no longer exist, while new possibilities abound.  I took some time to look back, way back, to find a thread of an interest that has always been there, undiminished by time or circumstances. I heard that you should do what you loved as a ten year old. Hmmmm? I jokingly told a close friend “all I really loved as a ten year old was to play with my friends and have fun”. “That’s it!” she said, “That’s exactly what you do best, you are doing what you were meant to do!”  WOW, it’s true! That is how I run my business, my life, and what my workshops are all about. Maybe there is something to the idea.

    Give it a try. Think back to a time in your life before the world had an impact on you and remember what you loved…

    Nancy B


  • If not now, when…?

    I’ve noticed I’ve been asking myself this questions quite often lately.  In many areas of my life.  It’s usually something that’s been in my life for quite awhile and it now feels unsettling, boring, not fun anymore, or even worse it brings me down. It just doesn’t “feel” right.  This discomfort can be in our careers, activities, friendships, clothes, or home surroundings–any aspect of our lives. It’s important we notice these nudges that tell us something has shifted. Over time, they do become more frequent, louder,and persist until they demand our attention to do something! If we don’t acknowledge and take action, these things erode our passion, excitement and joy in our lives.

    What’s nudging you? For today, simply notice it…no action needed now. Just play with the possibility that all the time, space, and energy taken up by “that which doesn’t feel right” could be filled with something which delights and excites.  It’s up to us to open our senses to the wonder, beauty and pure joy that surrounds us.



  • How we got started (from Cherryll’s perspective)

    A few years ago, I met Nancy at an evening meditation group.  There was something about her. I wanted to get to know her better.  It wasn’t anything she said or did—it was more how she was “present” in the room and her laugh!   Fast forward to now–we’ve become great friends and started this venture, Hour Glass Workshops together.

    We are the “yin and yang” of friendship.  Two women.  Blonde and brunette. Recently married and recently divorced. Former stay-at-home-mom and lifelong business woman.  Lace and cotton!  We arrived at this time of transition from very different life backgrounds and life experiences.  We are two women asking the same questions about our place in the world and what we are going to do in the second half.

    This point of transition for us both is that moment when what worked in yesterday’s life isn’t working now. So we kept talking, reading,  sharing, laughing,  and asking questions of ourselves, our choices, and futures.  Business, kids, relationships, weight, finances, health, change, letting go and reaching out—as women in transition.

    Not from fear, desperation or pain. Rather a shared curiosity and passion to bring something more into our lives and more of ourselves into life!

    As women, we invite you to explore this transition, this next great time in our lives.  Together, individually, seeking or allowing, however it feels right to you, please join us.  We’ll bring to our community our questions, share honestly what we’ve learned, what we know to be true from our perspectives, and share with you resources and tools.  Above all, enjoy, explore and have fun along the way!