• Sedona Lessons Learned from our Personal Retreat

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    If you have never been away on a personal retreat, we encourage you to do so. Do you go near or far, solo or with a friend? All depends what your intentions are for the time away.

    Last month, we both wanted to re-boot our own personal creativity as well as develop a new Hourglass program together. We needed a break from the day-to-day routines and the usual distractions. As we planned for this retreat away, we discussed what would make the week a success, and of course fun!

    We found a perfect AirBnb condo and scheduled time away from our everyday lives. Success for us meant creativity and ideas flowed, and we planned and created our new online program. By the end of the week, we were both relaxed, had more energy and accomplished what we had intended.

    One BIG thing we both were reminded…..When you do open up space and time, unexpected delightful people and surprises magically happen!  One of the easiest ways to open up your life is to reduce or eliminate distractions.

    Here’s our “Recipe for Retreat” success…..what we did that made it works so well for us.

    1.  Have a general plan and goals, specifically what you want to accomplish to make it worthwhile.
    2.  Schedule activity blocks of time each day.  Focus fon small steps one by one.
    3. During the creative/productive blocks, eliminate distractions. social media, emails,and phones.
    4. Every morning began with a walk or hike outside somewhere pretty with fresh air and the sounds of nature.
    5. Eat simply, healthfully and sleep well.
    6. Reward yourself  with something special each day “after your work”.
    7.  Savor and appreciate this special time, the work you did, enhanced creativity, and the unexpected surprises in life.

    Do you need to go to Sedona? No, but is beautiful!  However, we both highly recommend you reduce your daily distractions, get away from your routine and retreat into your own personal creative energy. For a day, a week or so, near or far. It’s up to you.

    Have you gone on a personal retreat? What worked for you? We’d love to hear from you.

  • badge of courage

    Your Badge of Courage to Say “Yes”

    A few years ago, I wrote a blog about saying “no”. Now I’m almost as good as a 2-year old girl about saying “no,” but hopefully not as defiant! The act of saying no is so freeing and I feel great afterwards. At the same time, it helped me learn when and why to say “yes” more thoughtfully and with positive intention. I’ve really noticed a difference in my life and my state of mind. Today, I’d like to talk about the value in saying “yes”.

    1. Say “yes” to those people who energize, inspire, support and like you.

    I’ve decided I don’t  want to  spend my precious time in a struggle with relationships where I don’t feel better for the time spent.  Most of us have a few people in our life who exhaust us, treat us poorly, or make us uncomfortable, “less than”, or worse. It doesn’t matter if they are clients, service staff, salespeople, friends, or even family. If you are not better for the time spent with someone — take your time, money and love elsewhere. Life is just too short! If you must interact with them, then minimize the time you spend with them and consciously maintain healthy boundaries. Getting enough rest, positive self talk, brief stays or encounters, and the counsel of a good friend all help.

    2. Say “yes” when someone asks if they can help you.

    Let’s say you’re having friends over for dinner and they ask, “what can I bring?” Thank them for their kind offer and suggest something. If you’re the type of person who carefully plans your menu with very specific food in mind, then its better suggest they bring a bottle of wine or other beverage. And above all, graciously accept the offer.

    3. Say “yes” to putting yourself first. Take very good care of yourself.

    Rest, drinking enough water, daily exercise and time for relaxation and fun are essentials to your well being… and to maintain good health. Self-Care is essential, particularly during the holidays, times of travel, stress, or winter. Treat yourself to a good book, movie or a long conversation with close, cherished friends.

    4. Say “yes” to a beautiful space.

    Whether this space is your bedroom, office, car or living room, notice how you feel when you’re in this room. Is it clean, orderly, and contain lovely, soul-nurturing things? Or is it a dumping ground for all the stuff in that doesn’t have a home?  Look around at the clutter, papers, clothes strewn about, and any items in the room that no longer support who you are today. Is the lighting appropriate for the room, warm, soothing light for a bedroom or sufficient work light for an office.  (Studies have proven that electronic light and devices actually have a negative effect on your sleep, so get that smartphone out of there.) When a space doesn’t enhance your well-being, it is agitating, creates emotional stress and doesn’t allow you to focus on the purpose of the room. A beautiful space awaits you under all the stuff, so find it.

    It takes courage to say yes, so wear your badge proudly! You’ve earned it. Hope these help… would enjoy hearing your comments below.

    This post was originally published in December 2014 and has since been updated.