• What’s a girl to do?

    After college I worked for a typewriter company selling ancient pre-computer writing devices. At the ripe old age of twenty seven, I retired for the next 18 years to rear my two children. At age forty five, I began thinking about rejoining the adult world and took a look around to see what that was all about. I realized the working world had changed and my skills were as ancient as the devices I used to sell. What’s a girl to do?

    Reinvent Yourself!

    Many opportunities that were once an option no longer exist, while new possibilities abound.  I took some time to look back, way back, to find a thread of an interest that has always been there, undiminished by time or circumstances. I heard that you should do what you loved as a ten year old. Hmmmm? I jokingly told a close friend “all I really loved as a ten year old was to play with my friends and have fun”. “That’s it!” she said, “That’s exactly what you do best, you are doing what you were meant to do!”  WOW, it’s true! That is how I run my business, my life, and what my workshops are all about. Maybe there is something to the idea.

    Give it a try. Think back to a time in your life before the world had an impact on you and remember what you loved…

    Nancy B


  • If not now, when…?

    I’ve noticed I’ve been asking myself this questions quite often lately.  In many areas of my life.  It’s usually something that’s been in my life for quite awhile and it now feels unsettling, boring, not fun anymore, or even worse it brings me down. It just doesn’t “feel” right.  This discomfort can be in our careers, activities, friendships, clothes, or home surroundings–any aspect of our lives. It’s important we notice these nudges that tell us something has shifted. Over time, they do become more frequent, louder,and persist until they demand our attention to do something! If we don’t acknowledge and take action, these things erode our passion, excitement and joy in our lives.

    What’s nudging you? For today, simply notice it…no action needed now. Just play with the possibility that all the time, space, and energy taken up by “that which doesn’t feel right” could be filled with something which delights and excites.  It’s up to us to open our senses to the wonder, beauty and pure joy that surrounds us.



  • How we got started (from Cherryll’s perspective)

    A few years ago, I met Nancy at an evening meditation group.  There was something about her. I wanted to get to know her better.  It wasn’t anything she said or did—it was more how she was “present” in the room and her laugh!   Fast forward to now–we’ve become great friends and started this venture, Hour Glass Workshops together.

    We are the “yin and yang” of friendship.  Two women.  Blonde and brunette. Recently married and recently divorced. Former stay-at-home-mom and lifelong business woman.  Lace and cotton!  We arrived at this time of transition from very different life backgrounds and life experiences.  We are two women asking the same questions about our place in the world and what we are going to do in the second half.

    This point of transition for us both is that moment when what worked in yesterday’s life isn’t working now. So we kept talking, reading,  sharing, laughing,  and asking questions of ourselves, our choices, and futures.  Business, kids, relationships, weight, finances, health, change, letting go and reaching out—as women in transition.

    Not from fear, desperation or pain. Rather a shared curiosity and passion to bring something more into our lives and more of ourselves into life!

    As women, we invite you to explore this transition, this next great time in our lives.  Together, individually, seeking or allowing, however it feels right to you, please join us.  We’ll bring to our community our questions, share honestly what we’ve learned, what we know to be true from our perspectives, and share with you resources and tools.  Above all, enjoy, explore and have fun along the way!

  • Are You Asking What Now or What Next?

    The Hourglass Workshops are the answer for anyone experiencing a life change on the mid-life journey. We all have change in the mid-life; whether it is empty nest, job loss, retirement, divorce, remarriage, elder care, illness, menopause, or the good old fashioned mid-life crisis. The question is how do you get through it and redefine the “Next Step” in life. Join our online community, we’re all having fun and learning something new along the way.

    Our fun and exciting workshops are designed to help you move forward in a positive way by getting in touch with old passions and reconnecting with self again, after years of putting others first. As we age we have lost much of our childlike ways, we don’t delight in play or daydreams as we once did. Those qualities are not lost, they have been forgotten and can be recovered to improve the rest of your life. The workshops help you identify and re-establish those happy qualities to enjoy life more now and in your future. Watch for upcoming workshops in your area.

    What is your dream? Remember, the one that everyone around you either tried to talk you out of, or ignored to the point of causing you to abandon it. It’s time to dust off that dream again. The Hourglass Workshops tools help you identify what brings you the deepest satisfaction, and what you truly desire. You become reacquainted with the sensual side of life and identify what delights you. Your dreams are what light you up inside and make you beautiful. When you are in touch with them you are more motivated, attractive and radiant. Life is good.

  • Introducing Cherryll

    I’m Cherryll Sevy and I’ve joined Nancy Burns on this adventure called Hourglass Workshops.

    At 60 (just over a year ago), I ran my first 1/2 marathon.  I was 57 when I married for the second time, after nearly 20 years of being a single mom of two sons and juggling a successful career and generally busy, happy life. My sons are grown, living their own wonderful lives, and many of my long time friends have experienced major transitions in their lives as well.

    My roles, responsibilities, time demands and interests have shifted dramatically.  The time, energy and focus previously spent on kids’ activities and building my business has shifted, giving me time to reflect–what a luxury!

    Ok, so what do I want this next phase in my life to be and what do I want more (or less) of?   I have always been fit and blessed with good health, so I decided to step that up a bit.  Who knew that  stepping up meant running 13.1 miles and enjoying the process?  Who knew I’d remarry and begin sharing my life as a couple?  Who knew I’d want more color, lace and champagne in my life?  This made me begin to wonder what’s next and what do I want and need for a vibrant, meaningful and fun future?

    I want to explore this journey and redefining with other like minded women.  My journey began–either by choice, circumstance or I just woke up one morning and things didn’t feel right anymore…so, join us on this adventure we call the “second half.”

  • Who are we?

    Hi I’m Nancy and this is a brief introduction of myself and Cherryll. We are women. We are the Yin and Yang of women, the black and white with all the colors in between. We are different from each other and yet at the same time we are complimentary.  Sounds a little obtuse? Let me explain, we are both business owners, mothers of two children, we even drive the same car, mine is black hers is white, and we are as the French say “Women of a certain age”.

    Cherryll is blonde and I’m a brunette (and our hairstylists will swear to it). Cherryll is a highly respected, established career woman. She reared her two boys as a single mom for most of their lives. She remarried after her boys were grown and launched, just about the time I was leaving my marriage. I had been a stay at home mom married for 30 years to a Silicon Valley CEO. As my 2 children began leaving the nest I went back to school to become a doctor of Chinese Medicine. About the time Cherryll had successfully secured her financial future and then a wonderful husband I jumped into the abyss, I began my new career as I ended my marriage.

    How did we get together and why did we click with seemingly different lives? We are women and women support each other. We had something to teach each other and ultimately share with you. Cherryll shares my optimism, enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge, and has a delightful sense of humor. We liked each other immediately and so began a great friendship.

    We are on a journey and we’d like you to join us, even jump in and contribute. Cherryll and I have learned a lot of lessons, albeit different ones, and that’s the beauty of it. Women base life on relationship, we want to share what we know with you and at the same time we want to hear from you. We will all move forward on our individual journey a little wiser for having traveled this part together because after all … We are Women.

    Nancy B