I’ve noticed I’ve been asking myself this questions quite often lately.  In many areas of my life.  It’s usually something that’s been in my life for quite awhile and it now feels unsettling, boring, not fun anymore, or even worse it brings me down. It just doesn’t “feel” right.  This discomfort can be in our careers, activities, friendships, clothes, or home surroundings–any aspect of our lives. It’s important we notice these nudges that tell us something has shifted. Over time, they do become more frequent, louder,and persist until they demand our attention to do something! If we don’t acknowledge and take action, these things erode our passion, excitement and joy in our lives.

What’s nudging you? For today, simply notice it…no action needed now. Just play with the possibility that all the time, space, and energy taken up by “that which doesn’t feel right” could be filled with something which delights and excites.  It’s up to us to open our senses to the wonder, beauty and pure joy that surrounds us.