A few years ago, I met Nancy at an evening meditation group.  There was something about her. I wanted to get to know her better.  It wasn’t anything she said or did—it was more how she was “present” in the room and her laugh!   Fast forward to now–we’ve become great friends and started this venture, Hour Glass Workshops together.

We are the “yin and yang” of friendship.  Two women.  Blonde and brunette. Recently married and recently divorced. Former stay-at-home-mom and lifelong business woman.  Lace and cotton!  We arrived at this time of transition from very different life backgrounds and life experiences.  We are two women asking the same questions about our place in the world and what we are going to do in the second half.

This point of transition for us both is that moment when what worked in yesterday’s life isn’t working now. So we kept talking, reading,  sharing, laughing,  and asking questions of ourselves, our choices, and futures.  Business, kids, relationships, weight, finances, health, change, letting go and reaching out—as women in transition.

Not from fear, desperation or pain. Rather a shared curiosity and passion to bring something more into our lives and more of ourselves into life!

As women, we invite you to explore this transition, this next great time in our lives.  Together, individually, seeking or allowing, however it feels right to you, please join us.  We’ll bring to our community our questions, share honestly what we’ve learned, what we know to be true from our perspectives, and share with you resources and tools.  Above all, enjoy, explore and have fun along the way!