I’m Cherryll Sevy and I’ve joined Nancy Burns on this adventure called Hourglass Workshops.

At 60 (just over a year ago), I ran my first 1/2 marathon.  I was 57 when I married for the second time, after nearly 20 years of being a single mom of two sons and juggling a successful career and generally busy, happy life. My sons are grown, living their own wonderful lives, and many of my long time friends have experienced major transitions in their lives as well.

My roles, responsibilities, time demands and interests have shifted dramatically.  The time, energy and focus previously spent on kids’ activities and building my business has shifted, giving me time to reflect–what a luxury!

Ok, so what do I want this next phase in my life to be and what do I want more (or less) of?   I have always been fit and blessed with good health, so I decided to step that up a bit.  Who knew that  stepping up meant running 13.1 miles and enjoying the process?  Who knew I’d remarry and begin sharing my life as a couple?  Who knew I’d want more color, lace and champagne in my life?  This made me begin to wonder what’s next and what do I want and need for a vibrant, meaningful and fun future?

I want to explore this journey and redefining with other like minded women.  My journey began–either by choice, circumstance or I just woke up one morning and things didn’t feel right anymore…so, join us on this adventure we call the “second half.”