The Hourglass Workshops are the answer for anyone experiencing a life change on the mid-life journey. We all have change in the mid-life; whether it is empty nest, job loss, retirement, divorce, remarriage, elder care, illness, menopause, or the good old fashioned mid-life crisis. The question is how do you get through it and redefine the “Next Step” in life. Join our online community, we’re all having fun and learning something new along the way.

Our fun and exciting workshops are designed to help you move forward in a positive way by getting in touch with old passions and reconnecting with self again, after years of putting others first. As we age we have lost much of our childlike ways, we don’t delight in play or daydreams as we once did. Those qualities are not lost, they have been forgotten and can be recovered to improve the rest of your life. The workshops help you identify and re-establish those happy qualities to enjoy life more now and in your future. Watch for upcoming workshops in your area.

What is your dream? Remember, the one that everyone around you either tried to talk you out of, or ignored to the point of causing you to abandon it. It’s time to dust off that dream again. The Hourglass Workshops tools help you identify what brings you the deepest satisfaction, and what you truly desire. You become reacquainted with the sensual side of life and identify what delights you. Your dreams are what light you up inside and make you beautiful. When you are in touch with them you are more motivated, attractive and radiant. Life is good.