Nancy M. Burns, L.Ac

Hi, I’m Nancy Burns. “Hourglass Workshops” is the brainchild I began ten years ago. Flashback: Divorced, we’d filed for bankruptcy, I was in the midst of menopause and just finished seven years of school. I began Valley Acupuncture in the same year my youngest child left home. Oh, and I began dating for the first time in thirty years. Yes, that was my life ten years ago.

My mom always said “the strongest steel is wrought in the hottest fire”…well now I know what that means.

Hourglass Workshops sprang from a question a man on a first date asked me, “What do you like to do?” Huh???? I had no idea what I liked to do. I knew what everyone else in my life thought I should do, but I’d lost touch with me and couldn’t answer his question.

In my acupuncture practice, I have listened to so many women going through similar circumstances, experiencing the same confusion I did. Cherryll Sevy joined me and in the past several years, we have read hundreds of books, attended seminars and using our own experiences, we have created an online community, weekly video conversations, programs, and workshops to connect with more women in fun, informative and inspiring ways.