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  • H.R. Haladyna

    Hi, Cherryll and Nancy!

    As the second-to-oldest of all my relatives, I’m afraid that the window of opportunity to ask my older relatives about their lives has closed for me. My father died 71 years ago; my Mom died 20 years ago. All the cousins on my Dad’s side of the family are deceased (the wife of one is still alive at 94, but has dementia). Two of the nine cousins on my Mom’s side remain, but they are younger than I.

    Your conversation was fun and thought-provoking but, as mentioned, there are many questions that my siblings and I “should have asked” when our “elders”were still alive. I hope younger people will follow up on your good suggestion to learn more about their elderly relatives while they can, so they’ll have no regrets later.


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