Aside from dressing in the morning, how much attention do you pay to your body? Sure we notice stiffness, or pain when we move. However do you notice when everything is working well? Do you appreciate the softness of you skin, the strength of your bones and muscles, or even how efficiently your body regulates your temperature to keep you comfortable?

I know I spend far more time on my head and in my head than I do the rest of me. We are sensual beings and should be enjoying each sensation as we experience it. Instead we think about the past, worry or plan the future and spend far too little time in the present. I realized this as I drove through the Santa Cruz mountains early Sunday morning. The highway was deserted and peaceful, oh perfect…a time to plan the day or reflect on past events. The present drew me out of my head as I viewed the coastal fog drifting through the trees that were floating silently like islands in the sea. The sunlight formed magical shafts of light that illuminated the deep, dark forest surrounding me. Even with all this beauty around me my mind kept racing ahead to plan the day and I had to drag it back to enjoying the moment.

I have made a pact with myself to be more present this year. I can’t change the past or the future, I can live in the present. Today notice each of your five senses; the sight of a beautiful sunrise, the sound of a Mockingbird, the smell of a baby’s skin, the luxurious feeling of fur, or the taste of a sour lemon. Enjoy it all, enjoy the moment…it will never come again.