I recently watched a great old  black and white movie. Wonderful movie, but I definitely missed color and I’d wonder what color was her dress, her hair or even the car?

Are you living your life in black and white or technicolor? It seems to me today more women are wearing black all the time and far fewer wearing color. It’s as though someone told us that “black is….easy,….sexy, ….slimming, ….dramatic or something. It’s still black.

Watching the Golden Globe awards, to me the most stunning dresses were the bright reds or those fabulous new greens. Dramatic, feminine and often daring!  And fun! They were living their lives in full, living color!

Years ago, many of us had our “colors done” and received a deck of color swatches.  I still have mine, do you?  I was a “blended summer”.  Nice lighter colors, and at the time really helped me bring more color into my wardrobe. I felt (and thought I looked) great. Over the years, I’ve ventured beyond my color chart and enjoy the feelings certain color evoke in my mood when I wear them.  It’s a visual treat for me.

Try adding some color in your life and what you wear….it’s certainly more fun than “basic black”.