After looking at pictures from the Oscars I wondered, Is Beauty only Skin Deep? Is it no more than a passive virtue? Incredible women through the ages have know beauty is more than perfect looks and youth, it begins with Allure. Beauty tempts with fascination, charm and sensuality. The glow of luscious healthy skin, sparkling eyes, silky hair, and a buoyancy in your step all speak of beauty. Beauty is the health you exude from the light within. This is why youth is often confused with beauty. A friend of mine once said “of course the young are beautiful, they have no reason not to be”. Well ladies, I contend there is no reason for you not to be, unless you are standing in your own way. Other countries have known the allure and seductive powers of a “woman of a certain age” for a very long time.

Take a look around, women of the Baby Boomer generation are breaking all the rule (at least the ones who know how to put themselves first). It’s time we change our skewed view of beauty, take ourselves off the old lady shelf, and get comfortable with the light 0f beauty within. How, you might ask? It’s simply Self Love. This means putting yourself first, at least some of the time. Take time to rest, eat the healthiest best food you can buy, exercise in a way you enjoy, and do something sensuous for yourself every day. Light that candle you save for company, use the guest soaps that smell incredible, slather that expensive lotion on your legs after a bath. As Cherryll said at our last workshop If not now…When?

When you pamper and appreciate something special about yourself daily you allow your light to shine from within a little brighter, even if it’s only a 15 watt bulb in the beginning. Do this daily and you will be amazed, as your light shines brighter each day those around you will notice you becoming more beautiful and luminous, and they will wonder why they never noticed before. Beauty is more than skin deep and it all begins with you.

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Nancy Burns