Well, it’s raining this week in northern California. I love the rain.  The smell of rain–fresh and clean. The sound of rain tapping on the garden shed outside. The feel of rain as chilled wet drops hit my face. Even the taste of rain….now that’s pure and refreshing! Watching rain as its hits the ground, it seems to bounce up.  All my senses are at play when it rains.

While many find rain inconvenient to our busy lives,  I feel more alive. It reminds me we live in a natural world that simply ignores those previously calendared (outdoor) events.  It heightens all my senses and puts me more ‘in touch” with what is around me.  I notice cloud formations and where the sun is or isn’t.  I am more focused on my driving and my surroundings when I’m outside during a rain storm.  I feel more alive, more connected to the world and to life through my senses.

How alive and aware are you of your surroundings? When you enter your home after being gone for several hours—-how does your house smell?  Look around your rooms and notice the pictures you hung years ago.  Do you still like them?  What about the taste of a fresh apple—-can you tell the difference between a Gala and a Braeburn?

Our senses guide us, enrich, and enliven our world, our life and our spirit.

“If you atrophy one sense you also atrophy all the others, a sensuous and physical connection with nature, with art, with food and with other human beings, “Anais Nin observed.

I encourage you to come alive and experience your day fully with your senses. If you don’t like how your home smells, buy candles, potpourri or simply open a window! Rearrange your pictures, putting them in different rooms. Wear that cuddly red scarf a friend knitted for you (and you’ve never worn) when you take a walk in the rain.  Soak in a bubble bath tonight.  Besides, if there was something you were saving (like those candles, nice soaps, clothing, new recipe to try), today’s the day—after all, it’s raining!

Cherryll Sevy