How important is the sense of touch in your life? Through our sense of touch we experience and express our love for each other. The most sensitive areas of your body are your hands, lips, face, neck, tongue, fingertips, and feet. Our sense of touch allows us to feel the warmth of the sun’s ray on our skin or the feeling of a gentle breeze caressing us.

Do you receive enough touch in your life? Whether, in relationship or not, many people don’t. One simple way to remedy this is schedule a massage. Massage increases a sense if well-being and actually improves health by boosting the immune system.

Try to include and be aware of more tactile experience in your life; sleep on flannel sheets then change to silk. Choose clothing with interesting textures; velvet, cool cotton, slubby silk, or try wearing a wonderful textured tweed. A simple thing we can all do is to take the time to caress your skin with rich moisturizer, with summer around the corner you’ll be glad you did.

Let me know what you did to stimulate your sense of touch this week.

Gently yours,