WOW! I just heard Maria and Arnold have separated after 25 years of marriage. This news immediately took me back a few years to my separation after 29 years, the fact is it can happen to anyone. Long marriages are not impervious to dissolving in fact it more often women who leave a long marriage feeling there has got to be more to life. It doesn’t happen suddenly or without experiencing great inner conflict. Maria said she has been unhappy and contemplating this for a few years now, I can attest to the same process. Like many couples, they apparently still have great chemistry between them, which is both sad and confusing because there is more to a happy relationship than just chemistry. Separation is complicated by children, finances, social obligations, unfulfilled hopes for the future, happy times from the past, and a love and caring that may still be there.

There are many stages we all transition through in our lives, mid life can be a particularly sticky one for many women. Our role is changing in the family and the world. We examine where we are in midlife and often find there is a great desire for something more in the future. What once made us happy may no longer serve us. The fact is we are all living longer and we are more vitally involved in life than any generation before us. Hopes and dreams long forgotten may reemerge and not be pushed aside any longer. After years of putting others first it’s time to explore who we have become now that we are paying attention again.

As difficult as transition is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is BRIGHT! Life is good and taking a chance is worth it. The transition doesn’t have to be a divorce, it can be a career change or simply exploring a new way of being in the world. Transition is revitalizing and exciting as well as  daunting and scary.

Cherryll and I have created workshops to help women through this experience. They are fun and informative and leave our participants full of enthusiasm and encouragement to move through this period of transition. We have a list of our workshops on our website

Join us for our “Sense and Sensuality a workshop designed to reconnect you to your six senses and the delight of being a woman. Not only will you notice the difference in your life, those around you will notice the difference in you!