pave a new one!” -Dolly Parton.  She always makes me smile, laugh, or get teary whenever I see her or hear her songs.  Some people just do that to me.  She seems like the girl friend you’d call when you’re feeling blue and she’d listen with her heart and offer wise counsel. Or those times when you want to share some great news with someone, Dolly would be as excited as you are.  Do you have a girl friend (or two) like that?  I hope so. They are a life’s blessing and help smooth the ride during during times of transition when it feels so unsteady and emotionally unsettling.   Doesn’t matter whether the change is our choice or the result of someone or something outside our control. We may feel anger, sadness, grief, relief, fear, joy or giddiness…..very often several emotions simultaneously.

Suddenly we find ourselves on an old familiar road we don’t want to be on, or we’re dropped off on a completely new road.  In either case, we always can change the situation or our perspective about it.  That’s what I get from the “pave a new road”.  We may repave our road by making our current situation smoother (good self care is a start!) or we may decide to pave a road headed in a different direction (move to a different place, retire, or make new friends).

As many women my age, I’m in a period of transition.  I’m considering changing my 30- year career, friends are entering and leaving my life, and my role as a mother of young children is over as my older son gets married next week.   I am doing a lot of reading and research for my “Design Your Life” series of workshops and  HGW events. I’m also observing and living these transitions in my life.  I am “paving a new road”.  Exciting times!  I’d love to share a glass of wine and chat with Dolly right about now.

How are you paving new roads in your life?  I would love to hear from you and your new roads.