I attended a professional women’s breakfast meeting this morning and the speaker, Wendy Lee, (CEO of Get Satisfaction)  kept referencing this quote..to thine own self be true. It’s something I’ve heard for decades, as I’m sure you have too.  Made me think…each time we hear it, we are a slightly different self–aren’t we? Or are we in essence the same?

While driving home, it brought up several questions for me.  Which self should I be true to? Who really is “my own self“?  Has that self changed?  Who am I now? And what does “be true” look like?  Listening to the speaker and then the poignant comments shared among the women, most of us are some stage of transition.  Our roles are changing–in careers,  our children grow up, parents die, relationships fall apart or come together, and our feelings and activities in our oles change.  Yet, our core essence remains intact through these changes, although often buried under the myriad of roles we’ve taken on. We are so much more than the roles we’ve played, the work we do, and the activities we participate in.  Let’s rediscover, uncover, and unleash our true selves…and get to know who she is.  And isn’t it time to let her shine!

How would you define “your true self”. And is she hiding or does she show up for you each day?