Life to me is like a book. Most of us share similarly-themed chapters, with different characters, story lines and outcomes.  We share many life chapters with certain people, and then in the next chapter they’re written out of our book and our life.  Other friends enter our life in later chapters and may remain until the book ends.  We’re never quite sure.

In this time of life,  we experience a shift in many things, including relationships.  We often hear advice about the changing relationship with our children as they become adults. Also the dramatic relationship with our aging parents as the caregivers become the ones needing care.  Perhaps more subtle are the shifts of our friendships. (And I’m not talking about “Facebook friends”–that’s another blog entirely.)  I have seen several close friends who recently experienced a major change in their life—a divorce, a death of a spouse, or challenging health issue. Overnight a few very close friends disappeared. It’s as if they think such life events are contagious.

Conversely, we casually meet someone in a group, there’s a connection, and just as suddenly the two women begin a friendship which is solid, more honest and open, and simply more fun!   Who knows the how or why of either scenario?

This is a fascinating period of life, fun, perplexing, and not easy to understand.  Always entrances and exits.  My suggestion–stay present and open, appreciate your friendships today, and hold lightly as life moves forward.