How fractured and distracted are you as you travel through your day? I have to admit I often struggle with this. Why am I compelled to constantly be “in touch”? What would happen if I didn’t know what was “going on” immediately? Is this constantly being in touch filling our ego’s need for reinforcement we are important to someone in the world? I think that is a distinct possibility.

Even though I don’t check email on my phone while I’m with other people, I could be accused of having my mind wander off as I multi-task. As hard as I try, there are times I am on auto-pilot, completely unaware of the present moment as my mind spins off someplace else. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Frequently patients ask me, “I don’t remember that at all, do you think I have Alzheimer’s?” My answer, “Did you hear the information in the first place? If you weren’t paying attention how would you expect your mind to remember?” We cannot remember what we didn’t hear. Our body may have been there, but the mind was off somewhere else.

Here’s another example…..How many times have you driven somewhere, knew where you were going, yet when you arrive, you have no conscious recollection of driving there?

The anecdote? SLOW DOWN! Show up and really be where you are. Take a breath. Remind yourself to be present—in this moment, right now. Look up and notice the sky above you. Look around and really see your surroundings. Sense the world around you. Maybe if each of us slows down a little, life will respond and slow down a bit for us. The years seem to be sailing by at an ever increasing speed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if by slowing down our world, it would allow us to actually savor more of each day and one another, simply by being present in our own life?

Take the time to truly listen when talking with a friend and be thoughtful in your responses. We can only do this when we are all there–totally present for that person. I, for one, would love to get to know you a little better. How do you show up for yourself?