There has been research that shows that actually making resolutions is useful. That if you do you will be 10 times more likely to achieve your goal than if you had not made the resolution! This year I did not make any. Does that mean I don’t have plans or expect to achieve big things? Nope!!!! I expect great things. Let me explain.

There was a study done at Brigham Young University that compared what people said and what the expected outcome was. Here are the results…pretty interesting.

The people that made the statement “that’s a good idea”, had a 10% chance of making a change.
“I’ll do it” statements stood a 25% chance of success.
By stating “when” you will do it your chance of success goes up to 40%.
Set a DETAILED PLAN and success rate increases to 50%.
Those that committed to SOMEONE ELSE that they would do it, moved their odds up to 60%, and of those that set a specific time to SHARE THEIR PROGRESS with someone else, 95% were likely to reach their goals.

I did just that. I wrote out a SPECIFIC PLAN, I put a TIME FRAME on each item, I shared it with my Mastermind Group, and I will check in MONTHLY at our dinner to update what I have done, or not done. This is great for me because I have a group of trusted, respected people who offer encouragement and constructive advice when we get together every month.

Interestingly, there are only four of us in our group. We are all in very different businesses, with very different lives and a genuine affection for each other. I encourage anyone who wants to meet a goal to find a group of a few people you enjoy and respect to begin your own Mastermind group. Ours has been meeting every month for nearly five years, and we all make it a priority. We all have had our successes and our challenges and the support has helped each and every one of us when we needed it most. This is an example of what the strength of women working with women can achieve. Give it a try and let us know what happens.