I was listening to a speaker this morning who said, “How you walk into a room is how you walk through life”. That’s an interesting metaphor, one that caused me to reflect on my style of moving through life. I have always admired women who make a serene entrance, seemingly gliding through life. I have to admit for years I rushed or barreled into a room. I was a mother and seemed to always be hauling kids and paraphernalia, certainly a less than elegant entry. I was always rushing somewhere. It became a pattern in my life, one I am consciously changing. That is not the way I want to be seen now. I would not have chosen to be seen that way if I had been aware of it myself.

Think about your own style. Do you plod, rush, barrel, or glide into a room? Are you happy and exuding an air of optimism or hesitant, nervous, depressed, angry, or rushed?  Is that the way you move through life? Think about how you want to be seen in the world and even more important how you want to feel moving through your day. Your energy precedes you. Before starting your day become present and conscious of your energy. Think about what you are presenting to the world. Before you enter a room, stop and take a cleansing breath, as you become more present you change your personal energy. It’s palpable and the world will notice. It will also change the way you feel. Just as a smile on your face whether you are happy or not will eventually signal the body to cheer up, your consciousness of movement will affect your mood.