Italian BridgeDuring this mid-life transition, my feelings can quickly shift from contentment to mildly crazy, often without any warning.  Sometimes I feel stuck, uncertain of where I am, let alone where I’m headed. This is intensified by my awareness of time quickly passing by and feeling I really need to get on with “it”–whatever “it” is.

The universe abhors a vacuum…and it seems so do I. Having spent most of my life always doing something, I realize I’m an activity addict. And I’m not alone. For most of us in the Western culture, we live an over-scheduled, noisy, cluttered, fast paced life. Up until recently, I loved it and thrived. Now, at this time in my life as I move from the shores of my old life, I am crossing the bridge of uncertainty onto new, unfamiliar shores of midlife. I know I want to be open, receptive, and available to what may happen, rather than trying so hard to make it happen.

I know my next 15-20 years will be much different than my last several decades. I also know my future won’t resemble that of our parents or grandparents. So, what will this period look like for me and for our generation?

This is a shift from the masculine energy of “doing”  to the feminine energy of “being” receptive to the flow of life energy. My old way of living no longer works for me and I am seeking answers to so many new questions. I know these questions will help me awaken new aspects of myself and life’s possibilities.

We’re at that place in the hourglass of life where the single grain of sand moves through that very small space before it enters a new phase and our life again expands. It is this squeeze point, the narrows of our life when we must let go of what has been to make ready for what will become. On this journey, it takes a willingness to simply allow what is without judgment, coupled with a spirit of adventure and especially a  sense of humor. For more ideas, check out our  article Five Secrets to a Brilliant Second Half and enjoy this great time of life!

Please add your comments below and share what has worked for you during this midlife journey. We’re all in this together.