Greek goddessWho or what inspires you? What guides you to new ideas and nudges you in interesting ways? I’m curious. When we allow time and space in our lives–let me rephrase that statement more accurately—when we create open, unstructured time and space in our life, a muse may enter and delightful, creative ideas energy bubble up. What really delights me are those seemingly random nudges to show me new ways of looking at things, inspire me to new ventures, and soften my heart and mind to creative ideas.

So what is a muse really? The word itself is from Greek Mythology and to used to describe any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom was regarded as the protectress of a different art or science. Not surprising then, the word “museum” is also derived from “muse”. Don’t you find a visit to a museum inspires us in areas of history, the arts, and the sciences?

So….who or what is your muse?  What delights and inspires you? My garden and the plants I nurture are muses for me.  Beautiful art exhibits and photography delight me. Walking or hiking outdoors, just about anywhere I can hear, see and smell nature, is a muse to my mental wanderings. Travel also seems to inspire me to look at life more creatively. (I took this picture in the Versailles garden when we visited a couple years ago. Love those Greek goddesses!) I also have a couple of good friends who are also muses and bring out my more playful, creative side.

I encourage you to invite a muse or two into your life. Appreciate your muses, whoever they are for you. They will add a richness to your ideas, plant seeds of creativity, and perhaps simply “a-muse” you!