Suitcase….you’ve packed too much! Let me explain. A few weeks ago I stopped by a friend’s home just to drop something off. She was frantically trying to get out the door for an appointment and running late. We all know that feeling—I sure do.

Several years ago, I learned how to pack my day lighter and today I’m rarely ever late, and best of all I move through my days less stressed, enjoying my life more. Oh, I also leave room in my suitcase when I go on a trip.

I’ve noticed so many women (former self included) seem to try and stuff as much as possible in a day. They almost always arrive late as they rush through life, a bit disheveled. Reminds me of stuffing too many clothes in my suitcase before a trip. If this sounds like you, you’re sitting on your suitcase! Like a 24-hour day, a suitcase is a certain size designed to hold only so much. Here are 3 quick tips on packing your schedule and how to live more lightly.

1.  Understand what is really needed and what is “extra”. The extras in your schedule could be the “shoulds”, the “want-to’s, or those little time wasters that fill up space (e.g. emails, facebook, texting or checking your smartphone–I’m still working in this one.) Take a look at your scheduled activities, as well as those little time fillers. Ask yourself if each activity really gets you closer to what is a priority in your life.

2. Learn to say no. What really helped me was the “ah-ha” moment when I realized every time I say “yes” to a need of someone else’s, I’m saying “no” to one of my needs. The need to rest, relax and reflect is absolutely essential to our well being and health. Even when they say no to one of my requests, I respect and admire women who take care of themselves and value their time.

3.  Subtract the non-essential and the beauty of your life is revealed. Michelangelo  chipped away all the unnecessary marble until he found David buried beneath, and had a masterpiece. When you clear away clutter, you showcase the beautiful cherished objects in your home. Throughout your day, when you eliminate the “activity clutter”, you allow the meaningful, valued moments to be fully enjoyed and appreciated. You’ll also allow for and notice wonderful, unexpected beauty in life to appear.

I encourage you to travel lighter, both throughout your day, as well as on vacation. Please share with our community how you’ve learned to create space and time in your days by commenting on our blog.