wd40 ducttapeYears ago I learned that there are a few absolute necessities in our homes. The first, WD40 is  essential  to get things moving properly when they aren’t.  For example, stuck or squeaky  hinges, small mechanical wheels, sliding door tracks, etc…you get the idea.  The second, Duct Tape, the wide gray tape on a roll which seems to be used frequently by bad guys in Law and Order kidnap scenes recently to keep victims from moving or talking.  It has a multitude of other uses, but primarily to get things connected or to stay still. I’ve used it recently  to keep a heater door from rattling, tape two broken pipes together, just to name a couple.  I also read that Duct Tape has been used for airplane quick repairs in emergencies, although hopefully not my airline!

The third essential item typically cannot be purchased in a hardware store, champagne.  It  is the perfect beverage to celebrate our successes, those of our friends, or whatever feels worth celebrating. Champagne is beautiful to watch as those bubbles rise up in the glass, it feels sparkly as we drink it and seems to beckon for some kind of happy toast with someone else. I’ve popped a bottle when I landed a new, exciting client project, when I’ve successfully completed a challenging project or personal obstacle.  And I definitely toasted along with other loved ones, weddings, births, and even the end of a life well lived.

In the past couple of years, I’ve created three types of lists…yes, I make a variety of lists, always have.  The first is my WD40 List—this one has things to do when I need a kick in the rear to get moving when I’m feeling stuck, stagnant, or mildly depressed.  (I’m not talking medically diagnosed depressed—that is far more serious which requires professional help, not something over the counter.). I do this because when I’m in a funk I forget about all the things which bring me joy.  Call a friend, get outside, trim my roses, walk the dog, lunch with a friend, a massage, manicure, etc.  You know exactly what gets you feeling good and back in your happy, productive groove.

My Duct Tape list is when I’m overly active and need to stop the motion. Sample entries on this list include: breathe, take a bath, meditate, hide under the covers, etc…you get the idea. Again, this is so important when you’re running, running and forget that there is another way than scurrying through life at warp speed.

My Champagne list contains celebratory actions which simply bring joy into your life in perhaps sensual ways to entice all your senses.  A favorite perfume, wandering through a lovely garden center, champagne of course, or slowly enjoying a piece of your favorite dark chocolate. This is the list of items that says I love life and I want to celebrate life with gratitude.

We’d love to hear what you have on your WD4o, Duct Tape or Champagne lists in comments below.  We’re always looking to add to ours.