Nails PhotoI’ve never been one to get my nails done on a regular basis, however lately I’ve found myself enjoying this  semi-monthly mani-pedi pampering.  So, last week I was at my favorite nail salon. When asked what color I wanted, I let my manicurist select something she thought I would like.  Well….this is the result….bubble-gum pink sparkly nails!  I kept looking at them on the way home giggling and saying to myself…..”this is sooooo NOT me!”

Raising the question….what is or is not me?  I’ve never been a girlie-girl or thought of myself in that way. Rather more an outdoorsy, athletic, gardening and camping kinda woman. Interestingly, I found that I really enjoy this new finger art…..makes me happy!

In this time in mid-life, I’m exploring a variety of aspects of myself beyond pink sparkly nails. A few weeks ago, a girl friend and I recently went on an overnight backpacking adventure with treks and tracks to Point Reyes. Great time, in spite of the rain, carrying all our gear for a 5-1/2 mile hike in, and sleeping on the cold ground! We hiked a gorgeous shoreline trail overlooking the Pacific Coast, spent time with fascinating people, and slept to the sound of crashing waves. (by the way, friends who are willing to go with you on crazy ideas are worth their weight in gold!)

I urge you to step out of who you think you are and just try something a little different or alot different.  You’ll be surprised what just might be the “new you”.

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