I’ve noticed the late afternoon/evening when I return home after a day “out in the world” to be difficult to shift my focus. I feel tired and edgy. Don’t you? The energy required of us at work is very different than the energy when we’re in our home. My home feels restful, pretty, and warm. It’s a place I can relax and enjoy my life, my family and my friends. Hopefully you feel the same about your home. I’ve come to realize it’s essential for me to “consciously” transition from my active, intense, decision-making masculine energy to my more creative, receptive feminine energy. For women, this is an important life energy balance–and one I’ve struggled with for years.

Typically, I try to come in and put my work and purse in my home office; put away my electronic devices; pour myself a glass of cold water, sometimes sparkling with lemon, and change into something comfortable and pretty. I may also walk out into my garden and simply enjoy nature for a few minutes. In just a short time, I have shifted my energy into a more relaxed, calmer version of myself, ready for the evening’s activities. For most of us, the energy we need “out in the world” is masculine: driven, focused, strong, active, and task-oriented. That is not the energy we generally want in our homes, especially in the evenings. As women, we want and need to relax into ourselves, to fully enjoy our softer, receptive, and creative energies. It is from this energy, we can now create a delicious meal, enjoy a glass of wine and share a conversation with those we love. This re-balancing of your energies will revitalize you. Others will also notice the difference as well.

I recommend you create a transition period for yourself when you enter your home. You’ll find you are more present with yourself, your family or friends, ready to enjoy your evening, which can be the best part of the day!

We’d love to hear what works for you.