Enough? Do you have enough? Do you want more? Less? What does “enough” mean and is it “what we want”? Current buzzwords today include de-cluttering, simplifying, down-sizing, or right-sizing–our closets, our meals, and our lives. Seems we’re drowning in just about everything. One could assume we have more than enough.

I notice how so many popular positive affirmations contain the word “abundance”. Seems we never have an abundance of what we think we want, such as love, wealth, peace, happiness, or success. However we complain about too much–stuffed closets, too much food, or too many commitments on our calendar. So what’s the difference between abundance and too much? Where is that perfect point of enough? As reflected in the classic “The Three Bears”, the perfect point between too much and too little is “just right”, or in other words enough.

It’s enough when it is what we want and it is “clutter or too much” when we no longer want it. With dozens of shoes and clothes crammed in our closets, we statistically wear only 20% of them. Too much to do or too much time alone? It depends on our energy level, our desire to do it, and less about what we are actually doing. We have enough when it is what we want when we want it.

Look around your life? Do you have enough ________ (fill in the blank with whatever suits you)? It is enough when it is the right amount for you. Enough resides in a perfect point of gratitude and it can be right here, right now.

How would you live your life if you truly believed you have enough right now? Would you relax into your day and your surroundings, feel good about your life and yourself, and enjoy the friendships and relationships you have right now? Certainly possible.

Quite frankly, I do have enough…and I’m grateful for all of it.