Hourglass Workshops was created to help women re-discover ourselves in our middle years to create a more passionate, colorful and full life. This includes relationships—in all forms. A loving, honest and caring relationship with oneself is paramount and the cornerstone to how we will thrive in mid-life and beyond. We also explore how to best create more powerful, passionate and loving relationships with our partner, as well as expand and enrich our friendships as we go through our many life transitions.

However, to ensure a comfortable and secure midlife, women need to have a good, honest relationships with money. This time of life we are nervous about whether or not we have enough money to fund our future (which showed up much sooner than we expected!), especially given the past decade of financial uncertainty.

Through most of our life, we may have turned over the financial responsibilities to our husband, and after a divorce, realize we know little about securing our own financial future. Or perhaps we were so busy working, raising our children and living life, we didn’t pay enough attention to our financial security.  It is NOT too late! One thing I’ve noticed is that women are socialized not to discuss money, “it’s just not polite”, or we’re made to feel we’re asking stupid questions or its something we feel we should know and don’t. Whether or not its polite is immaterial, it is necessary we understand money, investing, and our financial security.

In September, we are offering a 3 evening series (Sept, 9,16,23) on “Empowering Women—Money and Their Future”. It is a seminar for women-only, and offers an opportunity to learn and share in a safe environment. The objective is to empower women to make good financial choices in the future, with the knowledge and confidence to do so.

Won’t you join us? For more information, click to “Empowering Women—Money and Their Future”. You’ll be glad you did!