Mint is wonderfully refreshing in the summertime and grows so easily.  All gardeners know that mint is the easiest and one of the most versatile herbs to grow. Be sure to confine those roots (preferably in a pot) or they will invade the garden which I learned years ago—one of my first gardening mistakes that continues to remind me.  So, I decided to find more uses of mint beyond my occasional mojito cocktail!

Mint tea is refreshing and easy to make.  Boil water, pour over clean, whole mint leaves and steep for a few minutes. Strain leaves and serve, sweetening as desired. This tea can be served hot, or poured over ice for a delightful summer treat.  A sprig of mint is a lovely garnish in iced tea or sparkling water, as well as in salads.

Mint has a myriad of healing properties and can help with allergy and common cold symptoms, as well as indigestion.