ID-10085385 ChocolateWhen I want to treat myself, I have a small piece of very good dark chocolate. When I’m stressed out or feeling down, I have many pieces of  chocolate! When asking those BIG questions of life–like what is my purpose or why am I here–I ponder them with dark chocolate. Favorite dessert? Chocolate! Seems my answer is always chocolate.

Why do women have such an strong relationship with chocolate?  Interestingly, there is a real scientific theory about chocolate and love.

The euphoric feelings of falling in love has been scientifically attributed to Phenylethylamine (PEA) which some scientists have labelled the “love” chemical. The effect is similar to amphetamines (speed) to create those romantic heart fluttering of poetry, hyper-energy and other physical responses often seen in people “in love”.
The Chocolate Theory of Love was attributed to an American psychologist back in the 1980’s. Seems chocolate contains a natural substance of Phenylethylamine (PEA) which stimulates those same loving feelings. Well that seems to explain alot….no wonder I love chocolate!
I just wish that were the end of the story, but it’s not quite….

Research found that PEA was present in large quantities in chocolate, which was followed by intense speculation that eating chocolate might produce romantic feelings. Tests were done and researchers dutifully downing pounds of Cadbury’s milk chocolate. Sadly, the results showed no evidence that the PEA in the chocolate actually found it’s way to the brain to create that lovin’ feeling!

For me, while it may not create that lovin’ feeling, dark chocolate remains my answer to life’s big questions, small frustrations, or simply to reward myself.

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