Been awhile since I’ve written about my running experiences, and I’m ready to begin again. Although I haven’t stopped running, it has taken a lesser role in my life these past couple of years. I’ve been playing more tennis each week, taking a weekly yoga class, golfing and spending play time with my husband,family and friends. I’ve also been involved with discovering  my “next thing” and, and working with a non-profit community. It’s all about balance, isn’t it?

Funny thing, I think I may have found my “next thing” through running. I am taking a speakers class and our assignment was to craft a “signature speech”, something inspirational or informative which you could present to an audience. In this 15 minute presentation, there would also be an offer of a product/service of ours. I 2010-07 LG Jungle Runcame up with “Lacing up at 60”, my journey of running a 1/2 marathon–13.1 miles and how it impacted me. Must’ve worked, because my speech so inspired me to sign up for a full marathon in December. Yikes!

I’m 6 years older from my first 1/2 marathon, gained back about 15 pounds from my lowest running weight, and generally run only about 3-4 miles a day. A far cry from 26.2 miles.

Can I do it? You’ll witness my journey as I take this personal challenge on. I’ll share my obstacles, perceived or real, my challenges, my pain and my joy. It’s a hero’s journey.

I want to encourage you to find “your marathon”, something you really really want to do before you trot off this planet and let’s take this trip together into our brighter future.

You in? Comments encouraged.I’