Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time.
  1. Watch the sun set (or rise) at least once a week.
  2. Simply stand outside and slowly turn and observe what is all around you.
  3. When dressing casually at home, wear something attractive, soft and feels good.
  4. See yourself in a full-length mirror without commentary, (spoken or not).
  5. Buy a bouquet of flowers and put them in a beautiful vase.


Make passionate my sense of hearing…William Shakespeare
  1. Go on a “listening walk” in your neighborhood and notice the different sounds.
  2. Sit alone and listen to a classical music piece and try to identify the various instruments.
  3. Open a window or better, sit outside and listen to the birds in the morning.
  4. Listen to music sung in a foreign language.
  5. Don’t turn on the radio or TV when at home or in the car.

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Wake up and smell the coffee…Ann Landers
  1. Taste a flight of 3—wine, chocolate, apples, honey. Notice the differences in each.
  2. Try a new recipe. (Read Isabel Allende’s Aphrodite for ideas)
  3. Cut up and slowly savor a fresh strawberry, peach, or an orange.
  4. In your daily pitcher of water, slice and add a lemon, orange, or cucumber.
  5. Wander a farmers’ market and taste samples of several fruits slowly and deliberately.


Smell is the sense of memory and desire…Jean Jacques Rousseau
  1. Visit an aromatherapy store. Smell a variety of essential oils.
  2. Light those candles you’ve been saving for a special time. Today is a special time.
  3. Layer the scent and buy and use lotions that match your favorite perfumes.
  4. Open and use those wonderfully scented French-milled soaps.
  5. Line lingerie drawer with scented liners or sachets.

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Too often we underestimate the power of a touch…Helen Keller
  1. Stand barefoot on grass.
  2. Touch all the textures you are wearing.
  3. Take a bath—long, warm, delicious. Apply scented lotion after the bath.
  4. Go to a fabric store (or designer dress section of a store) and feel the various luxury fabrics.
  5. Handle food. Prepare food, noticing the variety of textures. Eat an entire meal with your hands.

Download pdf of this list
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