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After a winter hiatus, we are back with our video conversations. We’re both feeling we have just come out from a long, gray wet season. We are so appreciative of the “superbloom” energy everywhere.

In California, we are experiencing a “superbloom”.  I’d never heard the word before this spring.

A bit of word history…..the word is from Indigenous communities in arid regions celebrating massive springtime blooming activities of wildflowers, generally with edible seeds and roots. It was a term mostly used in our southwestern deserts after an extremely rainy winter.

It is a perfect word for these days. We see it in wildflowers and suburban gardens. With friends and in our relationships. Women are reaching out to friends they haven’t seen in a while to check in and get together. People are taking trips, venturing out with a feeling of possibility and adventure.

We suggest…..

Get outside. Feel the renewing energy and enjoy nature’s colors.

Call a friend you haven’t seen lately.

Venture out, near or far. Plan a trip and go somewhere new.

Bring nature inside with a large bouquet of flowers.

Add a little “superbloom into your life!