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“The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
―Dr. Seuss

No, we haven’t read Dr. Seuss books lately, but we do have several books you might enjoy and find interesting.We both love to read in its many forms….whether a physical book, kindle book, or audio book. Books take us places, introduce us to people, educate us, entertain us, and show us the world from a different perspective.

Books are a valuable and cherished resources in our lives. With book banning in the news, we acknowledge we should never take access to books for granted.

A few highlights of what we’ve read….

Nancy’s Books
Spare, Prince Harry
The Longevity Diet, Valter Longo, PhD
Women Talking, Miriam Toews

Nancy also loved….
Remarkably Bright Creatures, Shelby Van Pelt and The Judges List, John Grisham.

Cherryll’s Books
Frienditimacy, Shasta Nelson
Daily Creative, Todd Henry
Successful Aging, Daniel Levitin
Demon Copperhead, Barbara Kingsolver
The Thursday Murder Club, Richard Osman

So, are you a book finisher or do you quit when you don’t like it? You may be surprised by our responses.

Let us know…..
……what you’re reading and love.
……and if you’re a book finisher or quit when it doesn’t do it for you.