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Saving for a Rainy Day

Well, it’s raining this week in northern California. I love the rain.  The smell of rain–fresh and clean. The sound of rain tapping on the garden shed outside. The feel of rain as chilled wet drops hit my face. Even the taste of rain….now that’s pure and refreshing! Watching rain as its hits the ground, it seems to bounce up.  All my senses are at […]

Living a more colorful life!

I recently watched a great old  black and white movie. Wonderful movie, but I definitely missed color and I’d wonder what color was her dress, her hair or even the car? Are you living your life in black and white or technicolor? It seems to me today more women are wearing black all the time […]

What’s a girl to do?

After college I worked for a typewriter company selling ancient pre-computer writing devices. At the ripe old age of twenty seven, I retired for the next 18 years to rear my two children. At age forty five, I began thinking about rejoining the adult world and took a look around to see what that was […]

If not now, when…?

I’ve noticed I’ve been asking myself this questions quite often lately.  In many areas of my life.  It’s usually something that’s been in my life for quite awhile and it now feels unsettling, boring, not fun anymore, or even worse it brings me down. It just doesn’t “feel” right.  This discomfort can be in our […]

How we got started (from Cherryll’s perspective)

A few years ago, I met Nancy at an evening meditation group.  There was something about her. I wanted to get to know her better.  It wasn’t anything she said or did—it was more how she was “present” in the room and her laugh!   Fast forward to now–we’ve become great friends and started this venture, […]

Are You Asking What Now or What Next?

The Hourglass Workshops are the answer for anyone experiencing a life change on the mid-life journey. We all have change in the mid-life; whether it is empty nest, job loss, retirement, divorce, remarriage, elder care, illness, menopause, or the good old fashioned mid-life crisis. The question is how do you get through it and redefine […]

Introducing Cherryll

I’m Cherryll Sevy and I’ve joined Nancy Burns on this adventure called Hourglass Workshops. At 60 (just over a year ago), I ran my first 1/2 marathon.  I was 57 when I married for the second time, after nearly 20 years of being a single mom of two sons and juggling a successful career and […]

Who are we?

Hi I’m Nancy and this is a brief introduction of myself and Cherryll. We are women. We are the Yin and Yang of women, the black and white with all the colors in between. We are different from each other and yet at the same time we are complimentary.  Sounds a little obtuse? Let me […]